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DNA Banking

Secure DNA storage and integrated genetic testing

Premium DNA Banking

Our premium DNA banking is a long term option for storing your plant or animal DNA. With premium storage, DNA is extracted and carefully prepared to maintain high-quality DNA for up to 50 years. At any time, stored DNA can be used for genetic analysis or transferred to third party labs. Credit is applied to any Agritech Genetic test for banked samples. 

  • High Quality DNA Extraction

  • High quality DNA preservation for up to 50 years

  • Discounts on all future genetic test

  • Safe multi-storage locations

  • Up to 50 in-house genetic test per stored DNA sample

  • Up to 10 DNA transfers to third party labs

  • Discounts for premium storage are available when combined with Genetic tests


Premium DNA Banking Pricing - Club / Association Members

Initial processing fee

Initial processing fees are covered by your club. Please contact your club representative to inquire about DNA banking prices with Resero Genomics. 

Credit towards any Agritech Genetic Test

$5.00 per sample

Transfer fee

$5.00 + shipping per sample

Annual banking fee (billed annually beginning month 13)

No. Samples

1 - 100

101 - 500

501 - 2000

2001 - 3500

3501 - 5000

5001 - 7500

7500 +

Banking Fee

$15.00 minimum

$0.14 per unit

$0.11 per unit

$0.08 per unit

$0.07 per unit

$0.06 per unit

$0.04 per unit

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