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General Questions

What is DNA Banking?

  • DNA Banking is the long-term, secure storage of DNA samples and genetic data generated from specific animal tissue

How much does it cost to store DNA?

  • The cost for extracting DNA from a single tissue sample will be determined by your dog club or association. These costs may vary.   Once a DNA sample is extracted, an additional yearly storage fee will be charged, thus the long-term storage cost for each DNA sample. Total storage cost for a customer’s animal DNA depends on the number of samples in their inventory. 

How much does it cost to transfer my DNA to another lab?

  • The cost is $5.00 per DNA sample plus shipping expenses payable to Resero Genomics payable before shipment. Each
    receiving lab charges differently for their handling fees, you will be responsible for paying any additional fees required by
    them to receive your sample.

Storage & Handling

What are the best tissue types for DNA storage?

  • Whole blood samples yield the highest quality and amount of DNA for long-term storage and is the recommended storage
    choice for samples from livestock and companion animals that someday you might want critical information from (i.e.,
    genotyping, sequencing). Ear punches (Allflex TSU’s) are also quite acceptable for livestock and are generally easy to
    obtain. Other methods such as hair follicles or saliva may not yield as much quality DNA as whole blood or ear punches
    and are prone to cross contamination which can complicate DNA analyses. For any other methods, please contact us and
    we will be happy to assist you with your decision on which type of tissue sample to send and how to send it.

How are the DNA samples stored?

  • We store DNA in ultra-low temperature freezers such as cryogenic liquid nitrogen tanks, ultra-low freezers or by dehydration
    (dry) storage methods. For this latter method, we store each sample in a secure container labeled for each customer’s
    DNA bank. We strive to store each DNA sample using two different methods and in two different locations in order to have
    a back-up for security of customer samples.

How long can I store DNA samples?

  • No one really knows!! Maybe forever if properly handled. We use the best methods in the industry to preserve each
    sample for long term use. Integrity of the DNA is very important for correct analysis to get the best information for you, the
    customer. However, we only contractually guarantee high quality DNA for up to 50 years.

Ownership of Data & DNA

Who owns the DNA?

  • You own the DNA from the tissue sample submitted. You own and control all information derived from the DNA. At the time
    tissue samples are submitted for extraction and DNA banking, we will ask for ownership information. You will be able to
    designate who the owner is and who is authorized to have access to it.

Who has access to my DNA?

  • You, the owner, decide who has access to your DNA. At the time of submission of your animal tissue sample, you will give
    Resero Genomics authorization to extract DNA, store and maintain your samples under the named owner(s) of the DNA
    and acknowledge who has future access. Resero Genomics will not access or use the DNA for any reason without consent
    from the owner(s) named. We will also not allow anyone else to access your DNA without ownership consent.

Who determines how my DNA is used?

  • You determine how the DNA from your animal is to be used.

Can I transfer ownership of my DNA?

  • Yes. You can change ownership at any time by direct written instructions to do so which will require filling out, signing and
    returning to Resero Genomics a change of ownership form.

Will my DNA be used in research studies?

  • Only with your permission. There may be opportunities to have your animal’s DNA involved in research studies, and
    researchers can request from you or from Resero to have access to it. In these instances, the owner will be notified of
    the request(s) to do so but Resero will not give access to any DNA samples without proper consent.

Will I receive data or test results if my DNA is used in a study?

  • This will depend on the study and arrangements you, the customer, have with the study Supervisor(s). The researcher
    requesting access to your DNA will define what you will receive or not receive if your sample is selected for the study and
    you have the option of participating in the study or not.

Genetic Testing

Can I order genetic testing from Resero for my DNA samples?

  • Yes. We have a large selection of genetic tests for many different animal species and breeds. DNA can be used for genetic
    analysis when you are ready. We are constantly updating our list of available tests among all species.

Can I get a discount on genetic tests if my DNA is banked with Resero Genomics

  • Yes. Any DNA that is banked by Resero Genomics will receive a $5.00 discount for any sample analyzed in the customer’s
    banked samples using a Resero Genomics test. This discount is only for use of Resero Genomics tests and not for other
    vendor tests performed outside of Resero Genomics’ laboratories.

Can I send my DNA to another genetic testing company for analysis?

  • Yes. You can transfer DNA to any entity of your choosing providing we have enough DNA in storage on your animal to
    meet the required amount by the third-party lab. Once DNA has left our storage repository, we cannot guarantee quality
    or safety of it during shipment nor how it will perform in the receiving laboratory using their analyses systems. Generally,
    there should be no problem.

I’ve already sent DNA to another DNA Bank or genetic testing company.
Can that DNA be stored at Resero?

  • Yes. We can accept DNA from other laboratories or genetic testing companies. Once the DNA reaches our lab, we will
    determine the quality and amount of total DNA received and report that back to the customer. We will only store DNA if it
    meets our quality standards and we will advise you if there are issues with the quality and amount received. It is important
    to note that if the third-party lab has obtained ownership of your DNA, they will be considered the owner unless that ownership is transferred to you. Please contact us for proper forms to complete this transfer process.

Safety & Security

What is the stability of Resero DNA Banking Systems? What if something happens to the biobank?

  • The security of your DNA is important to Resero Genomics because we know it is important to you. We have successfully
    stored and maintained both animal and human DNA since 2003. We set criteria for our biobank with the intent of storing a
    DNA sample for over 50 years that meets the quality needs for genotyping and sequencing purposes. We have developed
    fail-safe methods to protect against even the most unlikely catastrophic event.

How is my DNA protected?

  • In the unlikely event that the Resero Genomics business is dissolved or sold, every conceivable precaution is taken to
    protect your banked DNA that has been entrusted to us. In this circumstance, we will notify you well in advance of any
    change in ownership or dissolution to give you the option to re-direct your DNA to another location of your choice. This
    unlikely occurrence is explained in detail in our Standard Agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

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