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New DNA Banking Service Available for Scottie Owners

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

An agreement between Scottish Terrier Club of America and Resero Genomics affirms the rights of owners when it comes to DNA material.

(Salt Lake City, Utah) — The feisty but lovable Scottish Terrier has a new friend in the genomics business.

Resero Genomics and the Scottish Terrier Club of America’s Health Trust Fund (STCA-HTF) have launched a unique, breed-specific DNA bank that affirms the rights of dog owners to control and store their pets’ DNA material, and ensures future research into emerging and existing genetic disorders.

The agreement represents a significant advancement for Scottie owners because, unlike other genetic repository services available today, ownership, control and access to the dog’s DNA remain with the designated owner and never an outside entity.

“With Resero Genomics, owners do not relinquish control of their dog’s DNA unless they choose to do so,” says Marcia Dawson, chairman of STCA-HTF. “In the past, the owner has had to relinquish all control, knowledge and decision-making as to how the DNA is used. Over the years, Scottie owners and breeders have generously contributed samples to study genetic abnormalities, but far too many times, irreplaceable genetic material has been lost and is now unavailable to us. That is not the case with this breakthrough agreement.”

The focus of Resero Genomics, which has successfully stored and maintained both animal and human DNA since 2003, is providing secure, long-term storage of DNA to its customers.

“A powerful aspect of this agreement is that banked DNA samples can be used for genetic testing long into the future, something that eliminates the need for owners to recollect and extract samples for testing,” says Jared Larsen, genomics manager for Resero Genomics. “At Resero, we offer customers the ability to store DNA samples in multiple safe and secure locations for up to 50 years. Upon request, we are happy to run a genetic analysis on your animals’ DNA as well as transfer said DNA to a third-party lab, or release it back to you at any time.”

By having stored DNA, Scottie owners eliminate the need to collect multiple samples from their dogs. Rather, ample stored DNA allows for future DNA tests and sequencing efforts if needed.

Scottie owners will have two options to manage their DNA:

Option 1 is the STCA-HTF Managed Account. It is available free of charge to the owner except for costs for collection and shipping of blood samples.

Under this option, owners agree to include their dogs’ DNA in the STCA-HTF Managed DNA Account through which all costs for DNA extraction and yearly storage fees will be covered by the STCA-HTF. The owner agrees to allow SCTA-HTF to manage the account and to have access to the stored DNA for research purposes, but only with the owner’s consent after full disclosure of how the DNA will be used and how the information derived will be communicated.

Option 2 is an individual account in which the owner will bear all costs for sample collection, DNA extraction and annual storage. Total annual storage cost depends on the number of samples in the customer’s inventory.

“Either way, there may be opportunities to have your samples involved in research studies, and researchers may request access to DNA samples or genetic data for their research projects,” explains Dawson. “However, access will not be granted without the consent of the owners or full disclosure to the STCA membership about the study and how it could benefit the Scottish Terrier breed.”

“The Scottish Terrier Club of America is proud of its breed’s heritage, especially this year as we celebrate the club’s 120th anniversary”, says STCA President, Lori Kelly. “Together, we have an unwavering commitment to promote, protect, and preserve the Scottish Terrier. We encourage all Scottie owners to participate in this one-of-a-kind DNA Bank.”

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Scottish Terrier Club of America’s Health Trust Fund (HTF) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the health and quality of life of the Scottish Terrier. The STCA is dedicated to the pedigree dog and adherence to sound principles that enable this wonderful breed to flourish.

Formerly known as Agritech Genetics, Resero Genomics was founded in 2017 by expert scientists and industry professionals specializing in genomic solutions for the companion animal, livestock and plant industries.


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