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Unlocking Potential in Animal Genomics

Resero Genomics offers clinical-grade technology for animal DNA testing and analysis.

By Jaclyn Krymowski for Resero Genomics

Increasing interest from individuals and organizations to utilize their genomic data is changing the landscape of genetic solutions — and Resero Genomics is proud to lead the evolution.

Resero is a genomics services company specializing in DNA banking, genomic analysis and genetic data visualization. Living up to its Latin namesake, resero — translated “to unlock, uncover or reveal” — the Salt Lake City-based company has extended human genomic technology to DNA analysis for livestock, equine and companion animals.

“We are bringing the quality control standards of human DNA testing to the animal field,” says Aaron Larsen, Resero’s chief technology officer. “We have a higher level of checks and balances because for us, 99.9% accuracy isn’t good enough. That would mean one out of every 1,000 samples is wrong, which is unacceptable.”

A notch above

Resero’s advanced approach to DNA lab services stems from its parent company, United Bio-Research Incorporated (UBRI). With over 15 years of experience in the human genetic field, UBRI works with science and industry professionals to develop innovations and applications to utilize in medicine, genetics and agriculture sciences.

In 2017, UBRI applied its capabilities to animal genomics and founded Resero, formally known as Agritech.

Resero provides test kits with human clinical-grade PAXgene® blood collection tubes for DNA banking. These test tubes provide an added layer of quality control to ensure accurate and reproducible DNA sequence data, exceeding animal-industry standards. The high-quality blood tubes do not require refrigeration during shipping.

Aaron explains, “It gives us the highest standard and minimal degradation loss as DNA material is transported to us.”

At the lab, DNA is extracted from the sample tissues and stored in cryogenic liquid nitrogen tanks and ultra-low temperature freezers, and by dehydration (dry) storage methods for added security. Each tissue is placed in a secure container for each customer’s DNA bank. An extra layer of security is incorporated with a back-up sample stored with a different method in a different location. With Resero’s genetic analysis systems, each client — working independently or with a breed association — can customize interpretative summaries, ranging from a single to a comprehensive profile.

Breed-specific panels are available for agriculture and companion animal customers (organizations). These simple customizations allow for up to 2,500 markers for traditional trait analysis. Custom panels can be catered to cover everything from disease screening to production trait analysis.

Utilizing the power of the genome requires tools to interpret the data. In this spirit, Resero Genomics partnered with Agric-Bioformatics to offer cattle clients access to AgBoost™ herd management software. AgBoost is a data visualization tool that organizes genomic and phenotypic information in a user-friendly format to help producers put genetic information to use, such as making breeding decisions.

Resero Chief Executive Officer Jared Larsen says, “Our job is to make it easy to take the driver's seat by providing up-to-date genomic solutions and expertise that produce measurable, accurate and meaningful results that are easy to interpret.”

A client who raises British White Park cattle, Michael Todd, DVM, who owns Thistledown Farms, LLC in Columbus Junction, Iowa, illustrates this effort in action.

“Resero Genomics has helped me fine tune my British White Park herd to eliminate brisket or high altitude disease and build a screening program to protect it from all known genetic defects before they come into the herd from outside animals used to propel the breeding program,” he says. “Resero Genomics recently partnered with us to help realize our goal of consistently producing fork tender, Prime beef for our valued customers.”

Your DNA, Your way

The dilemma of ownership rights of DNA samples can be complex. Resero simplifies the ownership process by assuring customers have control over their genetic material. With Resero’s DNA banking services, producers and pet owners can store DNA samples for at least 50 years, while maintaining ownership and contributing to breed research and genomic projects.

Jared points out giving clients control over their genomic information was the entire reason Resero was founded. “Our clients can gain access to and decide what happens to their samples at any time and for any reason,” he says. “This gives them an added peace of mind knowing they retain the rights to their DNA and can access and test when they are ready."

The Scottish Terrier Club of America (STCA) recently opened a breed-specific DNA bank exclusively for Scottish Terrier owners. Marcia Dawson, DVM, chair of the club’s Health Trust Fund, says the association is excited to partner with Resero to move the breed forward and to preserve its heritage.

“Over the years, Scottie owners and breeders have generously contributed samples to study genetic abnormalities, but far too many times, irreplaceable genetic material has been lost and is now unavailable to us,” she says. “The STCA has an obligation to promote, protect and preserve our Scottish Terriers, and Resero Genomics is making this important mission possible.”

International Pet and Animal Transportation Association and Scottish Terrier breeder Pilar Kuhn, owner of Casa Fairview Canines in the Los Angeles, Calif., area shares why Resero’s services are an asset for breeders.

"The Scottish Terrier DNA Bank, facilitated by Resero Genomics, is an innovative tool for the breed. We are excited to offer a similar bank for other breeds as a huge benefit to preserve genetic heritage and assist with future health testing,” she says. “In our business of shipping animals all over the world and specializing in assisting global preservation efforts, DNA banking is a must-have. As genetic testing advances, what a remarkable way to preserve information for years to come."


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