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Resero Genomics and the Westie Foundation of America Announce Partnership on Canine Genetics and DNA

Biobank for West Highland White Terrier Breed to provide first-of-its-kind genetics data for solving diseases afflicting the canines, humans

(Salt Lake City, UT, USA) November 1, 2022– Resero Genomics, a world-leading genomics service provider based in Salt Lake City, and the Westie Foundation of America (WFA), a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the West Highland White Terrier, announced today a partnership that will provide the first West Highland White Terrier biobank in the world.

“The WFA is honored to partner with Resero Genomics on this monumental step for the health of our Westie breed,” said Bebe Pinter, President of the Westie Foundation of America. “This is a significant milestone in our efforts to help move science forward faster for our dogs and in humans via our One Health approach.”

Storage for Westie DNA samples will provide a tool to help better understand diseases that afflict the West Highland White Terrier as well as other canine breeds. It will also provide potential sources of DNA for research efforts by both veterinary researchers and human medical researchers who are working to solve some of the most devastating diseases that occur in both canines and humans, including interstitial lung disease (ILD) and cancer.

“Since we first launched our DNA banking services to canine owners, we have had tremendous success,” said Jared Larsen, Genomics Manager at Resero Genomics. “Dog owners have been able to gain access to their dogs’ DNA for genetic testing or for any purpose of their choosing. Those who have opted to be part of our research program have allowed Resero to make significant progress in understanding genetic abnormalities within various dog breeds, and we are excited to continue this progress.”

DNA Storage

The focus of Resero Genomics, which has successfully stored and maintained both animal and human DNA since 2003, is providing secure, long-term storage of DNA to its customers. The Westie Biobank will provide an option for Westie owners to store their animals’ DNA, giving them complete control regarding its storage, how it is distributed and how it is analyzed. Submitting and storing samples at Resero Genomics is a simple process. Westie owners can collect DNA from a blood sample from any veterinarian of their choosing and mail it directly to Resero using any mail carrier. For additional questions on shipping, storing samples, or other sample types, please visit our website at

WFA’s Commitment to One Health Research

The WFA has worked with Westie owners to collect DNA samples for medical and veterinary researchers in the past and has helped create successful collaborations between them, including a study by Yale University human researchers and Tufts University veterinarians

The WFA has provided DNA samples to researchers around the globe and the new biobank program will serve to simplify the process and the speed that research can be completed. More than XX studies in the Westie have been funded by the WFA including one in Craniomandibular Osteopathy (CMO) that led to a life-saving cure.

Known as One Health, the translational benefits of studying naturally occurring diseases are becoming better recognized in both veterinary and human sciences. Taking information learned from diseases in domestic animals and comparing it to human diseases has been shown to significantly decrease the time it takes for a given therapy to move from the bench to the bedside of human patients. In diseases such as cancer and fibrosis that are relatively common in domestic animals, for example, these models can often provide a more accurate model of disease than many mouse models that are currently widely used.

Naturally occurring diseases in canines, have helped usher in therapeutics for humans, including in cancer. In fibrosis, particularly in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, the most common ILD and a deadly disease with no life-saving therapy, mouse models have shown positive results in multiple drug trials only to fail later in human studies, costing years of research efforts, billions of dollars in funding and dealing heartbreaking results to patients, families and medical experts working to help them. Having genetic information on animals who suffer from diseases such as ILD, provides an avenue to help them and humans who suffer.

About Resero Genomics

At Resero, we offer customers the ability to store DNA samples in multiple safe and secure locations for up to 50 years. Unlike other genetic repository services available today, Resero gives complete ownership, control and access to the DNA t the designated owner and never an outside entity. We believe that customers should maintain ownership of their DNA and the information collected from it. Upon request, we are happy to run a genetic analysis on your animals’ DNA as well as transfer said DNA to a third-party lab or release it back to you at any time. To learn more about Resero, visit:

About the Westie Foundation of America (WFA):

The Westie Foundation of America, Inc., (WFA) is a non-profit corporation, recognized by the IRS as a 501(C)(3) organization. The mission of the Foundation is to provide financial aid and other support for medical research to benefit the health and quality of life of West Highland White Terriers; and to develop and communicate information regarding the health, care, breeding and quality of life of Westies to Westie owners, Westie breeders and veterinarians. To find out more about the WFA Biobank and the WFA’s efforts, visit:


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