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DNA Test Description:

A DNA Test that checks for specific genetic markers known to cause Congenital Muscular Dystonia I: A rare congenital condition that is characterized by exercise induced muscle spasms, impaired swallowing, decreased growth rates, and early death at just a few weeks of age.



What you receive:

Online Genomic Evaluation

  • Detailed Genomic Evaluation Report 
  • Visual display showing Whole Herd Analysis 
  • Individual Animal Carrier Information


Access to sync genomic data with Agboost for further data visualization with integrated FREE herd management software



The Resero Genomics Promise:

Ownership, control, and access to your animals DNA & all data derived from it remains with you the designated owner and never an outside entity without the owner's permission. We honor your authority over what belongs to you. Keeping you in command of your animals genetic future. 

Congenital Muscular Dystonia I DNA Test

SKU: BTBS-00052
  • Bulk & quantity discounts are available for orders of 50 or more animals. For more information please call us at (385)-282-6335 or request a free estimate below. 


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