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Your DNA. Your Results. Your Way.

Resero Genomics gives you control of your DNA, your results and your information. We provide simple and customizable solutions to genetic testing and DNA banking. 

Genetics made simple

Powered by AgBoost™,  Resero Genomics now integrates your genetic results with your herd management data. 


Sign up for a free AgBoost™ account and start managing your herd today. 

Personalize your genetics

Resero Genomics offers the most flexible genetic tests. Whether it be one of our full comprehensive profiles or a select list of traits, Resero allows you to select and test for traits that are important to you. 

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Secure your DNA, protect your future.

Store and protect your DNA for up to 50 years in our safe-secure storage center. Your DNA may be withdrawn for genetic testing when you are ready. 

Whats New

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