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Equine Services

Our team of tech experts and scientist at Resero Genomics can develop breed specific panels for agricultural organizations.  We provide quick turnaround time for all our animal genomic products and services.

  • STR/Microsatellite Genotyping

  • SNP Genotyping

  • NGS Sequencing

  • Custom Analysis

  • Evaluation Tools

  • Custom Genomic Panels

  • Disease Screening

  • Production Trait Analysis

  • Parentage Verification


Custom panels can be designed in as little as 1 to 3 months. For details about your genetic service, please contact us by email or speak with a genomic specialist at 385-282-6335

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Parentage Capabilities

Resero Genomics rapidly delivers your parentage testing results at a turnaround time faster than the industry standard. Breed-specific customizations are simple with GBS parentage panels and can allow up to 2500 markers to allow for additional trait analysis. Our team of experts has experience assisting organizations with the transition from STR (microsatellite) to SNP parentage in a timely and affordable manner.

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