Canine DNA Banking

Secure DNA storage and integrated genetic testing


DNA Banking Options

Standard DNA Banking

Our standard DNA banking is a short term option for storing your pet's DNA. With standard DNA banking, your pet's DNA is collected using a cheek swab. Once collected, DNA is carefully extracted and stored for up to 1 year, ready for genetic analysis at any time. Any genetic test perfomed by Agritech Genetic test are automatically sDNA samples tested by Agritech Genetics are automatically stored for 1 year, using our standard storage option. For samples that require longer storage, please check out our premium storage option below. Credit is applied to any Agritedh Genetic test for banked samples. 

  • Included with all Agritech Genetics test at no cost

  • No annual banking fee

  • High-quality DNA extraction

  • 1 year DNA storage

  • Discounts on all future genetic test

  • Safe multi-storage locations

  • Up to 15 genetic test per stored DNA sample

  • Up to 5 DNA transfers to third party labs

Premium DNA Banking

Our premium DNA banking is a long term option for storing your pet's DNA. With premium storage, DNA is extracted and carefully prepared to maintain high-quality DNA for up to 50 years. At any time, stored DNA can be used for genetic analysis or transferred to third party labs. Credit is applied to any Agritech Genetic test for banked samples. 

  • High Quality DNA Extraction

  • High quality DNA preservation for up to 50 years

  • Discounts on all future genetic test

  • Safe multi-storage locations

  • Up to 50 in-house genetic test per stored DNA sample

  • Up to 10 DNA transfers 

  • Discounts for premium storage are available when combined with Genetic tests


Premium DNA Banking Pricing

Initial processing fee

$10.00 per sample

Credit towards any Agritech Genetic Test

$5.00 per sample

Transfer fee

$5.00 + shipping per sample

Annual banking fee (billed annually beginning month 13)

No. Samples

1 - 100

101 - 500

501 - 2000

2001 - 3500

3501 - 5000

5001 - 7500

7500 +

Banking Fee

$15.00 minimum

$0.14 per unit

$0.11 per unit

$0.08 per unit

$0.07 per unit

$0.06 per unit

$0.04 per unit

Canine DNA Banking FAQ

What is DNA Banking?

How are the samples stored?

How long can I store DNA samples?

  • We have several solutions for DNA storage for both short-term and long-term storage.  Our shortest term option is for 1 year of storage and our long-term storage option can be stored for decades.  Current DNA storage methods estimate the samples will be good for at least 40-50 years.  However, because the current best long-term protocols have not been around for 50 years, we store DNA using multiple methods.  The newer methods predicted to preserve DNA better and the older methods that have shown to be good for 20-30 years.

What is DNA Banking?

  • The cost varies by sample type and services ordered.  Cheek swab storage is $5.00 per sample.  This method is a common approach for short-term storage when only a few genetic tests will be run on the sample.  Cheek swab collection with DNA extraction is $10.00 per sample.  This method results in high-quality DNA that can be stored long-term using several storage techniques.  Blood sample storage with DNA extraction is $15.00 per sample.  This method provides the highest quality and DNA yield for long-term storage.  These fees include sample processing and banking fees. Please contact us for the pricing of other sample types such as tissue or semen. 

What are the best sample types for DNA banking?

  • Blood samples provide the highest quality and yield for long-term storage and are the recommended storage type for critical samples.  It provides enough DNA to store several aliquots using different storage methods to ensure it is protected.  Buccal (cheek) swabs are the most convenient method for sample collection but do not provide as much DNA as a blood sample.  Storage of Buccal cells on a swab is the most cost-effective storage method and has been shown to be good for targeted genetic testing for up to five years of storage.  However, DNA stored in buccal cells is not as stable as extracted DNA and DNA quality and yield cannot be measured without extracting the DNA.  For samples that need long-term storage and quality measurements, it is recommended that the additional DNA extraction be done for buccal swabs.  Although not as common, tissue and hair samples can also be used to extract DNA for banking.

Who owns the samples?

  • You retain ownership of the samples.  You will be able to submit, discard, transfer, or retrieve your samples as you wish.  When the samples are submitted for DNA banking, we will ask for ownership information.  You will be able to designate who the owner is and who is authorized to release the samples.

Who has access to my samples?

  • You, the owner, decide who has access to your samples.  At the time of submission, you will grant Agritech Genetics authorization to process, store, and maintain your samples with the access needed to perform those functions.  Agritech Genetics will not access the samples for any other reason without consent from the owner.  We will also not allow anyone else to access the samples without consent from the owner.

Who determines how the samples are used?

  • You retain ownership of your samples and retain control of how your samples are used.

Can I transfer ownership of my samples?

  • Yes.  The owner of a sample can transfer ownership of the samples.

Will my samples be used in research studies?

  • There will be opportunities to have your samples involved in research studies, and researchers can request access to DNA samples or genetic data.  However, access will not be granted without the consent of the sample owners. 

Will I receive data or test results if my samples are used in a study?

  • This will depend on the study.  The researcher requesting access to your samples will define what you will receive or not receive if your sample is selected for the study.  For any study conducted by Agritech Genetics, we will give you access to the data produced from your sample.

Can I order genetic testing from Agritech for my DNA samples?

  • Yes.  DNA from your banked samples can be used for genetic testing, eliminating the need to recollect and extract the sample for testing.  Agritech Genetics provides custom genetic testing solutions.

Can I send my samples to another genetic testing company for testing?

  • Yes.  You can transfer samples to any entity of your choosing.  Once the samples have left our DNA Repository, we can’t guarantee quality or safety of the sample.

I’ve already sent a sample to another DNA Bank or genetic testing company.  Can that sample be stored at Agritech?

  • Yes.  We can accept samples from other DNA banks or genetic testing companies that have your sample.  Once the sample reaches our lab, we will assess the quality of the sample and store the sample.  However, if the other entity has obtained ownership of the sample, they will be considered the owner of the sample unless they transfer ownership to you.


Standard DNA Banking Pricing

Initial processing fee

$5.00 per sample

Credit towards any Agritech Genetic Test

$5.00 per sample

Transfer fee

$5.00 + shipping per sample

Annual banking fee


  • DNA Banking is the long-term, secure storage of DNA samples and genetic data.

  • Samples are stored using several industry-proven methods that depend on the sample type being stored and the service that is ordered.  We are able to offer storage in ultra-low temperature freezers, cryogenic liquid nitrogen tanks, and dehydration (dry) storage.  Extracted DNA is best stored at ultra-low temperatures and/or dehydration (dry) storage.